A solid weekend’s riding.

January 24, 2010

This weekend was a good weekend. For riding and just in general, too. 7 Hours of riding done (on the road) – and a longer ride than I’ve done for a long time too!

So yeah. The normal 70mile loop out to yalding/staplehurst. Had planned to do this with Paul N’s moaning for company, but alas, a puncture on the way to Green St Green foiled that plan. Heart rate seems a little high for ‘base’ but the first and last hours are too hilly to be counted as base I think. The Garmin (awesome bike computer, by the way) tells me I spent plenty of time in the lower heart rate zones so not too bothered or worried. In any case it’s not that important one way or another as the main aim was to build up my endurance. The stats:

Distance: 70.10 / 112.6km

Time: 4hrs 15mins

Avg Speed: 16.44

Avg heart rate: 161bpm / 78% of max

Max heart rate: 188 / 91% of max

Got up early today too and went out for a local 45miler. I say local, because I only ride 6-7miles out and do a 9mile loop over and over and over again until I get bored. It’s flat (except for one short bit which gets up to 13%) and so serves well for shorter base training rides. Didn’t eat anything during the ride (and only drank about 400ml of energy drink) – yet haven’t felt dehydrated or low on energy (at least not more than usual). No way would I have managed to get away with this 4+ months ago so it appears I am now burning more fat for fuel. Sweeeet.

Distance: 44.95miles / 71.9km

Time: 2hrs 50mins Avg

Speed: 15.87

Avg heart rate: 151bpm / 73% of max

Max heart rate: 185 / 90% of max

Weirdly my hamstrings are burning today, and yesterday it was my quads. Not sure why that is – I did make a conscious effort to work at a lower cadence today though, so perhaps my pedalling technique changes depending on the cadence thus giving me this rather odd ache. Who knows?

My new bike got here this week too. A Pedal Force RS2. Fingers crossed I can get it built within the next couple of weeks. Once it’s done, I’ll put up a post about it too.

‘Til next time!